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Work safely at heights
Face to Face
1 Day
Trailer Assist
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Licence to perform dogging
Face to Face
5 Days
Trailer Assist
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Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level
Face to Face
5 Days
Trailer Assist
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Licence to operate a forklift truck
Face to Face
Trailer Assist
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Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)
Face to Face
Trailer Assist
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Our success comes from our team & our core DNA of supporting candidates, community & clients.

Yalagan Registered Training (RTO ID: 91627) is simply known around Australia as YRT. We are a leading Supply Nation Certified Indigenous led Registered Training Organisation.

We have been training since 2005 with a pedigree in Leadership, Information Communications & Technology, Construction, Rail, Driving & Plant Operations, Manufacturing, High Risk Licenses, Circular Economy & Waste Management through either connected remote delivery & face to face training.

Access to training is a fundamental requirement for successful, long-term employment and career outcomes. When people have access to cost-effective, culturally orientated training pathways that align with their experiences & heritage, their opportunities for employment & career progression improve.

Having the ability to offer authentic career progression services is vital to self-worth, growth & tangible outcomes for a brighter future.

Combined with over 150 years’ of experience in managing national RTO’s & accredited trainers from the ‘real’ working world, provides students with a complete learning experience. Whether you are a large national company or an individual wanting to enter the industry or update your current skillset, we will strive to ensure your needs are catered for. From our integrated calendar or ad hoc weekend, weekday & night training as required for our customers and students, we will always find a way to support you.

YRT is a proudly Indigenous business but at our core, we are a family business. We have built our lives around the DNA of supporting & helping all people. We are committed to providing a friendly, flexible & importantly culturally safe training environment to promote a positive learning experience for everyone.

We are small yet dynamic RTO, with facilities in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. We welcome your support and are happy to connect and have a yarn.

Why YRT?

Our Training Organisation is approved by The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

Our company is 100% Indigenous owned and operated, with Supply Nation Certification

YRT utilises our online training capabilities, and mobile training trailers to provide training across Australia


Wondering what course would be the best for you? Click here to learn more about our offerings and choose a path that’s right for you!


Our diverse service offering allows us to work with a large range of clients across a wide variety of projects.


Check out our current list of qualifications, constantly updating, this is where you can book yourself in or make a booking on behalf of your organisation.


Our team work closely with the NSW and WA government to provide funded training as an incentive for those trying to gain new skills needed to find a job or advance their careers.

As a company, we’re committed to championing our people.

As people, we’re committed to championing change.

Family and community form the cornerstones of First Nations culture.

These core values and our shared vision, passion and commitment is what brought our team together and sees us working toward creating a brighter future for our people, their families and the wider community.

Nathan Martin

Yalagan Group Founder
M: 0435 070 353
P: 1300 798 012
E: nathan@yrt.edu.au

Sean Wilson

Commercial Manager
M: 0400 955 523
P: 1300 798 012
E: sean@yrt.edu.au

Eddy Hazem

GTO Manager NSW
M: 0423 179 000
P: 1300 798 012
E: eddy@yalagangroup.com

Mick Hoblos

P: 1300 798 012
E: mick.hoblos@yrt.edu.au

Jessica Wilson

National Sustainability Manager
M: 0422 476 474
P: 1300 798 012
E: jessica@yalagangroup.com

Pavla Wilson

M: 0412 880 474
P: 1300 798 012
E: adminsydney@yalagangroup.com

Martin Dufton

M: 0407 220 144
P: 1300 798 012
E: martin@yalagangroup.com

Georgia Walker

Marketing Coordinator
M: 0416 517 595
P: 1300 798 012
E: georgia@yalagangroup.com

James Wilson

YRT Manager WA
M: 0417 112 851
P: 1300 798 012
E: james@yalagangroup.com

Vanessa Keay

GTO Coordinator
M: 0411 091 334
P: 1300 798 012
E: vanessa@yalagangroup.com

Ian Pope

Trainer and Assessor
M: 0488 011 154
P: 1300 798 012
E: ian@yrt.edu.au

Lachlan Beesley

HRWL Trainer
M: 0418 227 206
P: 1300 798 012
E: lachlan@yrt.edu.au

Shannon Keevil-Holdsworth

Indigenous Mentor
M: 0478 833 700
P: 1300 798 012
E: shannon@yalagangroup.com

Jayda Walker

Admin Support
M: 0422 670 222
P: 1300 798 012
E: jayda@yalagangroup.com

Sophal Phoeurn

RTO Administrator
P: 1300 798 012
E: sophal@yrt.edu.au

Jessica Wilson

Imprint Director
M: 0438 170 164
P: 1300 798 012
E: Jessica.wilson@yalagangroup.com

Tricia Foo

Training Co-ordinator
M: 0423 009 333
P: 1300 798 012
E: tricia@yrt.edu.au

Trusted by Australia’s Leading Organisations

Get in touch, we’re ready when you are.

The Yalagan promise.
Our promise to you.

When you work with Yalagan group, you’re working with a company that puts authenticity, integrity and dependability first.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term relationships through deliverability, reliability and trust, and since opening our doors in 2017, Yalagan has had the privilege of engaging with an extensive range of organisations from across the nation.

From other leading First Nations businesses to some of the nation’s largest construction, resources and infrastructure firms – we take great pride in the relationships that we’ve built.

Start training today with these simple steps

Increase your opportunity and reach your goals

Our training is designed to provide real world, industry experiences that better equips our trainees with the knowledge to achieve high quality skills and qualifications.


Select the course or qualification you would like to complete and review the course details. For more help choosing the right course for you, request a consultation from our team.


Check your eligibility for funded courses, NSW and WA both offer fully funded training options to help students reach their goals in new ways.


Locate your USI number, your USI stands for Unique Student Identifier. Not sure if you have one? Simply follow the link below and confirm through the portal.


Confirm the training schedule and make a booking or speak to our team to answer any questions you may have prior to beginning you’re leaning.

Together, we’re able to do incredible things.

For Yalagan – our community is what gives us our sense of belonging. It’s what binds us to family, kin and country.

As individuals and as an organisation, we are connected to many communities that share similar values. Through having valued community support partners, we’ve been able to achieve what we have to date.

We believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the community.

From providing supplies to bush fire affected communities in NSW to delivering free employment and training services to at-risk youth in remote WA communities, we look forward to continuing our purpose-driven efforts as our business continues to grow from strength to strength

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