CPCCLDG3001 – Licence to perform dogging

If you have what it takes to enter the construction industry, enrolling in our dogman course will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need. At YRT, not only will you be guided throughout your dogging training, our passionate trainers will give you the confidence you need to receive your dogman ticket and excel as a Sydney dogman on site.

Dogman Course Content

We deliver quality dogging training courses that encourages superior skills to lead to a more productive and safer workplace.

Dogman are responsible for the care and maintenance of slings and other load strapping gear and direct the actions of the crane operator.

Our dogging course is designed to provide participants with the fundamentals and confidence to perform dogging work safely, as well as equip them with the knowledge to obtain a National Licence To Perform High Risk Work Class DG (Dogging).

Some aspects of the course include:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Job planning – hazard identification and put in place measures for safe movement of loads
  • Mass of objects
  • Use, maintenance and inspection of terminals, fittings and accessories
  • Slinging of loads
  • Use of cranes/crane signals to operator


Dogging Training Prerequisites In Sydney

  • Ability to understand and write English
  • Good mathematics ability
  • 18 years of age
  • Participants must supply their own personal protective equipment including safety boots, Hi-Vis garment and a hard hat
  • A pen, calculator and workbook are also required for note taking and problem solving.


4 days of training + 1 day for SafeWork NSW assessment



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Hesitate no more for the dogging qualification you need. In less than a week’s time, you can earn your dogman ticket in Sydney when you learn from the professional dogman course trainers at YRT. We also offer other courses including licence to operate forklift trucks, basic & intermediate scaffolding courses. Contact us to enquire more or click above to enrol today!

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