Supply Nation’s – Supplier Diversity Award finalists for 2021

We are thrilled to announce Yalagan Group’s own CEO and Founder Nathan Martin as one of Supply Nation’s – Supplier Diversity Award finalists for 2021. Alongside some incredibly talented entrepreneurs this award recognises innovative, young Indigenous Australians who have successfully brought their business ideas to fruition and demonstrate the potential for significant growth in the Indigenous Business Sector for years to come.

A truly fantastic opportunity, Yalagan Group is humbled to make it as a finalist and would like to take the time to thank Supply Nation for their continued support and ongoing engagement. The supplier diversity awards recognise companies and individuals who are helping to create a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector.

Supply Nation enables us to continually grow Yalagan Group, expand our capabilities and strengthen the Indigenous Business sector for future generations.

Thank you to the sponsors of this category EY, and to all those involved in bringing this event to life.

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