TLILIC0023 – Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes)

Course Description

The Slewing Mobile Crane to 60 Tonne Course is designed to provide participants with the fundamentals and equip them with the knowledge to obtain their National Licence to Perform High Risk Work Class C6 (TLILIC0013). ACT prefer applicants for the licence category of C6 to be experienced in the industry and hold a HRWL in operations of cranes of a lower capacity and must hold Class DG Dogging licence as a pre-requisite.

By attending this course the participant will learn the engineering principles of operating a crane, and identify potential hazardous situations.

At ACT we are committed to provide comprehensive training that produces superior skills to lead to a more productive and safer workplace.

Some aspects of the course include:

  • Assess and Secure Equipment and Work Area
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Plan work
  • Check controls and lifting gear
  • Shut down crane
  • Secure and Transfer Load
  • Secure load
  • Conduct trial lift
  • Transfer load
  • Set up and Dismantle Mobile Crane
  • Plan assemble/disassemble
  • Set up crane
  • Dismantle crane
  • Carry out Special Operations with Mobile Crane
  • Carry out multiple crane lift


Course Prerequisites

A person undertaking this unit must hold:

  • a current National HRWL to perform dogging or a current certification for a specific VET course for HRWL to perform dogging that has been issued by, or on behalf of a WHS Regulator
  • Ability to understand and write English
  • Good Mathematics ability
  • 18 Years of Age
  • Participants must supply their own Personal Protective Equipment including safety boots, Hi-Vis garment and a hard hat.
  • A pen, calculator and workbook are also required for note taking and problem solving.


4 days of training + 1 day for SafeWork NSW Assessment



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