MSM20116 Certificate II in Process Manufacturing

The MSM20116 Certificate II in Process Manufacturing provides the skills required by competent production workers who undertake essential production support roles directly related to producing products. This YRT course allows a production worker to apply their knowledge defined range of situations and would be expected to apply this knowledge to solve a range of problems by utilizing known solutions to a limited range of foreseeable problems.

Packaging Rules To be awarded the MSM201116 Certificate II in Process Manufacturing competency must be achieved in fourteen (14) units of competency:

  • Three (3) core units of competency • Eleven (11) elective units of competency, four (4) of which can be selected from this Training Package, other endorsed Training Packages and accredited courses.
MSMENV272 – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Core
MSMWHS200 – Work Safely Core
MSMSUP210 – Process and record information Core
MSMPER200 – Work in accordance with an issued permit Elective
MSMPER202 – Observe permit work Elective
MSMPER205 – Enter confined spaces*

·        Got MSMPER200 as pre-requisite

MEM18001C – Use hand tools Elective
MEM18002B – Use power tools/hand held operations Elective
MSMENV172 – Identify and minimise environmental hazards Elective
MSMOPS100 – Use equipment Elective
MSMOPS101 – Make measurements Elective
MSMWHS201 – Conduct hazard analysis Elective
MSMWHS216 – Operate breathing apparatus Elective
MSMWHS217 – Gas test atmospheres Elective


YRT understands that training should be tailored to suit individual client’s business objectives. Therefore, YRT can customise the elective units of competency to suit cohort’s specific industry requirements. Customisation may result in changes to the duration required to complete the qualification.


All full YRT full qualifications can be delivered in the following locations:

  • YRT NSW HQ – Alexandria
  • YRT WA
  • Your Workplace
  • Connected delivery (online) for eligible qualifications
  • YRT arranged external venue


Face-to-Face workshops conducted in classroom or via remote connected delivery. Plus self-paced learning with access to YRT advance LMS.

YRT delivery structure for all courses includes:

  • Face to Face instruction in a designated quiet area
  • Practical demonstration in their work area as required
  • Mentoring as required
  • Component of self-paced study (as required) and
  • Workplace supervision


Assessment component of this course includes the satisfactory completion of:

  • Sessions’ activities
  • Presentations
  • Underpinning knowledge questions
  • Project evidence (from workplace or simulated via case studies)

Assessment is conducted at the session to which the training has been conducted allowing the participant to carry out tasks directly related to the unit of competency studied and the supervisor to adequately observe the student in depth during this time period.


Learners are provided with the following:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessments workbook
  • Access to LMS


Students that successfully complete all 14 units of competency as stated in the Course Structure will be issued with a certificate for  MSM201116 Certificate II in Process Manufacturing by Yalagan Registered Training.

This qualification is recognised nationally under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).


Enrolment Fee                  Nil

Total Course Fee              Confirm with YRT

Fees are not levied for credit transfer applications or transition for superseded qualifications.

YRT reserves the right for potential fees to change during the course of study and will provide advice to students in advance.

Instalments        Fees may be paid in 3 equal instalments

All overdue fees are to be paid before a statement of attainment / certificate is issued.


There are no prerequisites for this qualification.


12 – 24 Months


Confirm with YRT

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