Leadership Essentials

BSBLDR411- Demonstrate leadership in the workplace

BSBLDR412- Communicate effectively as a workplace leader

BSBOPS403- Apply business risk management processes

BSBTWK301- Use inclusive work practices

This course prepares supervisors and managers to have consistency within their management roles to deliver consistent, continuous and common approach to their management style. The units form part of the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and a unit in diversity (inclusive practices) from Certificate III in Business. The units form part of a 3-day workshop (4 days if all 4 units are being done) that will allow supervisors and aspiring and existing managers to provide effective leadership within their respective industries.

The skill set will be designed and customised to your industry as and when requested. Initially the skill set has been designed for Rail, Construction, Logistics and Infrastructure industry.

A person who demonstrates competency in these units must be able to demonstrate their leadership skills through effective communication, risk management and practicing inclusiveness within their work environment.


Leadership Essentials Course Prerequisites

  • Good verbal and written comprehension of the English language
  • Photo ID
  • 18 years of age or over
  • obtain a USI (usi.gov.au)


4 days of training (1 per unit)



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