Manage Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

The course will increase self-awareness, improve relationship management and promote emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence also known as EQ, is awareness of and ability to manage our emotions and relationships. EQ is a critical part in both our personal and professional success and relationships as it influences our ability to relate with others and stay in control in challenging situations.

In many cases exceptional people aren’t just aligned with high IQs, they also have well developed EQs. The course at YRT will improve people to understand and recognise emotions in others and take control of their own for a higher level of personal and professional engagement.


  • History and meaning of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding how emotional and physical health are connected
  • Mastering the techniques to leverage emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Recognising different emotions and learning how to manage them effectively
  • Creating a personal vision statement so you can identify where your EQ strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Recognising emotions in others in order to be a better communicator in the workplace
  • Increased camaraderie between team members who have a deeper understanding of each other’s emotional needs
  • Stronger levels of cooperation amongst colleagues and improved customer experience
  • Improved customer feedback thanks to more positive interactions with your team
  • Better sales results and higher profits due to increased customer satisfaction and higher productivity


EQ delivered remotely via connected delivery or face to face at our premises nationally or at your premises over one course of day for this unit.

interactive and fun one-day condensed training program, or two days training and assessment. however, we can tailor the content to present a shorter session for conferences and events.

We aim to deliver training which is completely relevant for your business and your team. That’s why we undertake an initial consultation, where we assess the skill level of your attendees, address your desired outcomes and find out valuable information about your company and its current set-up.

Remember, it’s your course, so you get to decide where it takes place. We are happy to teach

Unit of Competencies:

YRT is a National recognised training organisation, this course will be offered as an accredited program allowing participant to obtain a nationally recognised statement of attainment upon successful completion.

The units delivered in this course are:

  • BSBLDR511 Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • BSBLDR513 Communicate with influence


  • Good verbal and written comprehension of the English language
  • Photo ID
  • 18 years of age or over
  • obtain a USI (




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