CPCCLRG4001 – Licence to perform rigging advanced level

Now that you have earned your licence to perform intermediate rigging work, why stop there? Upgrade your rigging skills and move up your career ladder with YRT’s advanced rigging course. With training sessions located in Sydney and completed in as quick as a week, you’ll be returning to worksite ready to take on more responsibilities and more challenging tasks.

Advanced Rigging Course Content

This course specifies the outcomes required to perform rigging work at the advanced level, which includes all the outcomes for rigging work at the basic and intermediate levels, and also includes rigging of gin poles and shear legs, flying foxes and cable ways, guyed derricks and structures, and suspended scaffolds and fabricated hung scaffolds for licensing purposes.

A person who demonstrates competency in this unit must be able to provide evidence of the ability to:

  • comply with OHS/WHS licensing legislation.
  • effectively communicate and work safely with others in the work area.
  • effectively conduct risk assessment and management procedures.
  • effectively complete the following tasks:
  • rig a span rope, or
  • rig a flying fox, and
  • install a swinging stage, or
  • install a bosuns chair, and
  • set up a gin pole and conduct a lift with a powered winch, and
  • erect and dismantle a hung or suspended scaffold

NB: All specifications for these performance tasks are detailed in the endorsed assessment instrument.

  • effectively demonstrate the following knots, bends and hitches:
  • Alpine hitch
  • Bosun chair hitch
  • Prusik hitch
  • Figure eight
  • effectively conduct pre and post operational checks of advanced rigging equipment.


Advanced Rigging Course Content

  • This unit has a pre-requisite requirement. This requirement may be met by either the successful completion of the unit CPCCLRG3002A Licence to perform rigging intermediate level or holding a valid licence for intermediate rigging.
  • Ability to understand and write English.
  • 18 years of age
  • Participants must provide their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including safety boots, hard hat and a high visibility vest.

Participants must wear correct safety clothing which includes: trousers, long sleeved shirt, safety boots, gloves, glasses, and helmet.


5 days of training - 4 days classroom-based learning + 1 day for SafeWork NSW assessment



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