What is Smart and Skilled Funding?

Smart and Skilled is a New South Wales (NSW) government funding incentive for those trying to gain new skills needed to find a job or advance their careers.

How much do I pay on a YRT Smart and Skilled course?

Any eligible YRT Smart and Skilled students the course is subsidized to a maximum of 100%. Each government-subsidised qualification has a fixed qualification price, a government subsidy and a student fee, which is determined by the NSW Government.

Are there Smart and Skilled fee exemptions or concessions?

Yes! If you are eligible to do a YRT subsidised course, you may also qualify for fee exemptions or concessions. For more information on the fee exemptions and concessions you could claim visit the NSW Govt Smart and Skilled website.

Smart and Skilled student fees are for the whole qualification. Which means you’ll know, upfront, the total cost of the training. To make it even more flexible, we have also made payment plans available for all students. The exact fee a student pays will largely depend on their eligibility. To find out course costs please complete the form on the Smart & Skilled website here or call 1300 798 012  and speak to one of our Education Consultants.

For more information head to The NSW Smart and Skilled FAQ page